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I'm a Programmer, Musician, Photographer

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I am Fu Zhang, A positive and motivated person, Computer scienist and student, who speak Chinese, English and Japanese, who love listenning music, photographing, watchiing anime and football (Arsenal), who love Chinese and Japanese Food, Who love Maths and Machine learning, who love travel around and try everying new...





Problem Solving



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Countries Visited


Years of Programming

Top Skills

Software Development

Experiences on Desktop and Mobile software Development

Mulitple Programming language

C Family, Java, Python, JS ....


I can understand Chinese, English and Japanese


Lots maths courses in my degree, gives me a soild Mathematics backgound.


I love photographing, especially photographing plants/flowers/and micro objects

Version Control

I use git for version controlling with most of my project to keep them be tracked and organsed.

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2017 - Present

King's College London

Currently pursuiting BEng Electronic and Information Engineering at King's College London

2015 - 2017

Akeley Wood School Six Form

Maths,Computer Science, Chinese(literature), Further Maths

2012 - 2015

Zhengzhou No.6 Middle School

learnt 9 subjects there, and worked in school's symphony orchestra.

2012 - Present

Freelencer Programmer

I have had experience developing desktop and mobile application as well as games.

2018 - Present

Vice Presdient, KCL Robotics Society

Communicating with school and outside companies, Organizing and hosting events, helping committee members

2012 - 2015

Tuba Player, Zhengzhou No.6 Middle Shool Symphony orchestra

Leading tuba player and played in several important performs.

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